January 07, 2022

Jenner & Block Co-Managing Partner Katya Jestin spoke to The National Law Journal in a wide-ranging interview that touched on topics including her pro bono representation of Majid Khan, a Guantanamo detainee who testified last fall about the torture he endured while held at a CIA black site. Ms. Jestin herself gave powerful opening statements at the Senate hearing. Asked why she thinks it’s important to get information about her client’s torture in the open, she responded: “I think it is important that there’s sunlight and that fellow Americans understand what happened, and that there’s some measure of accountability and transparency about it so that we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Ms. Jestin also shared her experience becoming a co-managing partner just months before the pandemic hit. She said she’s grateful to the firm’s IT team, which led a “seamless” transition to a work-from-home environment. “The other thing I’m really grateful for is that Jenner is a firm, I think, unlike most other law firms, that is so deeply defined by its culture. That was so important in 2020, and it remains so now,” she added.