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In 2008, Jenner & Block started a regular series of reports designed to highlight issues of interest to the Japanese business and legal communities. Jenner & Block has been privileged over the last several decades to work closely with many wonderful clients and very talented lawyers in Japan on a wide range of complex matters. That experience has helped to focus us on some of the legal challenges that Japanese businesses confront in doing business in the United States. Our goal in publishing this electronic newsletter is to provide our friends in Japan with brief summaries of developments that we believe are noteworthy. Each month, we provide a featured summary and shorter summaries of cases from across the U.S. on a variety of issues ranging from antitrust to patent law. Attached to each summary is a copy of the underlying decision or draft legislation that is referenced. We welcome any feedback about the newsletter and encourage you to contact any of the editors if you want more information about any particular summary.

The Jenner & Block Report - Japanese Edition - August 2019 Update

  • Increased Scrutiny for Vertical Mergers on the Horizon
  • DOJ Releases New Guidance on “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs”
  • Jenner & Block Publishes Attorney-Client Privilege Handbook
  • CFIUS and the Expanding U.S. Crackdown on Foreign Investment
  • Federal Circuit Finds IPR Time-Barred Due to Merger with an Entity Not Eligible for IPR
  • Supreme Court Overturns Ban on Offensive Trademarks
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