Post-Dobbs Task Force

The implications for corporations of the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade are vast and complex. Many companies will be required to confront this shifting and conflicting legal landscape in the near term. Jenner & Block is well-versed in the issues and able to assist companies and organizations as they face the myriad issues emerging at the intersection of law and policy.

Jenner & Block has supported reproductive rights for years through extensive pro bono work. We are employing that experience—as well as our significant leadership in criminal and civil enforcement defense and investigations, compliance, civil litigation, employment law, and privacy and content moderation—to guide our corporate clients who are navigating this shift in the law.

The firm has assembled a dedicated team of experienced lawyers who have been engaged to work with a growing list of corporate clients preparing for and now navigating the real legal risk, such as retaliation, in several forms, against businesses working to assist their employees and consumers in retaining access to reproductive healthcare, as well as a host of other issues related to employee and customer privacy, retention of information and response to legal process, and potential civil and criminal liability stemming from the provision of expanded employee benefits such as travel benefits for employees to obtain reproductive health care in states where it remains legal. Some of our work includes advising:

  • A diverse range of companies interested in supplementing their employee benefits to ensure employees have the funds to travel to states to access legal abortion care;
  • Companies that may have consumers who are using their services as they travel to seek or obtain safe and legal access to abortion;
  • Healthcare providers who are working to understand whether their continued provision of abortion care or medical consultations, which include information about abortion care, will lead to criminal or civil liability in the states they serve; and
  • Technology companies concerned with protecting the privacy of their users, that use of their platform could put users at risk of being prosecuted, or that use of technology services to provide greater access to care could be alleged to be “aiding and abetting” an abortion.