False Claims Act and Qui Tam

Jenner & Block has extensive experience in all phases of False Claims Act (FCA) investigations and litigation. We have investigated and when necessary tried cases involving claims of fraud involving healthcare, procurement, financial services, and federal assistance/grants, as well as retaliation claims under the FCA. Our team conducts internal investigations of potential FCA violations proactively and after the receipt of Civil Investigative Demands or service of complaints. As advocates, we prepare clients for vitally important presentations to the government, whether in-person or in white paper form, to convince the Department of Justice not to intervene in the suit. Our trial lawyers win motions to dismiss, ending cases before they generate significant costs and productivity burdens. And when necessary, our teams engage in aggressive discovery and try cases to verdict to vindicate our clients’ interests.

Our team of aggressive and effective FCA defense lawyers includes multiple former career and political civil and criminal prosecutors and agency counsel who investigated, coordinated, and tried FCA matters when working for the government. Our relationships with government officials in charge of investigating and overseeing FCA cases are strong, and our track record of convincing the government not to intervene and try qui tam cases is impressive. When going to trial is necessary, Jenner & Block lawyers have decades of experience trying—and prevailing in—FCA cases.