Jenner & Block

State Enforcement and Regulation

Representative Experience

  • Policy.  On issues of paramount importance to its clients and the states, Jenner & Block has assisted clients in their dealings on state policy issues ranging from state budgeting and charitable trust regulation, to data privacy, online gaming and public safety issues.  Jenner & Block has also developed national strategies for responding to state-by-state regulatory efforts of emerging industries and counseled clients on both proactive efforts to shape state executive orders and on compliance with those orders upon issuance.
  • Multistate investigations and negotiations.  When the issue expands beyond one state’s borders, Jenner & Block has unparalleled experience navigating the multistate AG landscape.  In multistate settlements on behalf of Chase Bank, General Motors, and many others, and on issues ranging from products liability to consumer protection to antitrust, Jenner & Block can find the path to successful defense of the client’s interests.
  • Monitorships.  When state attorneys general and financial regulators reach a resolution, they trust Jenner & Block to oversee its implementation – appointing Jenner & Block lawyers to monitor settlements in industries from financial services to for-profit education, and companies as significant as Citigroup Inc., Credit Suisse AG, and Deutsche Bank.
  • Cyber breach.  Jenner & Block has managed relationships with state officials in complex data breaches with affected individuals in all 50 states, and have advised clients all aspects of breach and mitigation procedures. 
  • Administrative proceedings.  Jenner & Block has represented companies like National Grid, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and large cable companies in agency investigations and administrative litigation, defending its clients’ interests in sensitive, complicated environments.
  • Legislative investigations and city council proceedings.  On high-profile matters of local interest, Jenner & Block has provided advice on navigating legislative investigations before city councils and similar bodies.
  • Local government representations.  Jenner & Block has also represented local governmental bodies, both executive agencies and legislatures, on federal issues, both advising them in sensitive situations and handling high-stakes litigation.
  • Business practices and consumer protection.  Jenner & Block has advised clients on their risks and dealings with state attorneys general and city attorneys alleging unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices, in industries ranging from financial services and FinTech to communications, hospitality, and car rentals.
  • Financial services.  Whether loan origination and servicing, debt sales, or interest rates, Jenner & Block has been involved in many of the most significant matters on behalf of financial services firms with a variety of profiles.
  • Government contract and qui tam investigations.  Jenner & Block has advised on state procurement codes, protested awards of state contracts, and represented major corporations and individuals in qui tam investigations ranging from the submission of false Medicare and Medicaid claims and drug wholesale pricing claims to internet sales claims.
  • Environmental issues.  Jenner & Block has been adverse to state attorneys general in numerous enforcement proceedings, including California's Prop 65 litigation.