State Enforcement and Regulation

State regulators – whether attorneys general, financial services authorities, energy or transportation regulators, tax and insurance authorities, and others – are pursuing enforcement and investigations with increasing aggression and sophistication, providing a new challenge to companies across sectors and regulatory areas. With multistate investigations, coordinated policy agendas designed to supplant federal powers, and political crosswinds behind every legal maneuver, the importance of navigating state regulation and enforcement authorities has never been higher.

Members of Jenner & Block’s State Enforcement and Regulation Practice help companies to navigate and overcome these challenges, drawing on a wealth of experience at the intersection of legislation, government regulation, politics and law enforcement. Our success is built on the credibility that we have built up over years of work with these regulators and policy-makers. We have partnered with them, during years in government service, as we pursue our agencies’ common interests. We have been appointed by them as independent monitors, overseeing settlements that they have entered with third parties. We have sat across from them, searching ways to resolve their claims in ways that are consistent with our clients’ business and long-term goals. And we have litigated against them: they know that we will work hard to get to “yes,” but also that when we say “no,” it means “no,” and we are unafraid to draw on Jenner & Block’s reputation as a litigation powerhouse.
We represent industry giants facing existential threats, change agents navigating antiquated regulatory schemes, and smaller companies and start-ups seeking to engage with the government for the first time.  We counsel our clients on how to thrive under existing law, strategize with them on how to change the regulatory framework, and defend them when a regulator believes they have mis-stepped.  Whether dealing with attorneys general or city councils, energy commissions or legislative committees, our State Enforcement and Regulation Practice will develop a legal strategy to align with your business strategy.