Crisis Management

The Jenner & Block name is synonymous with helping corporations address their most important business issues, including unexpected events and crisis situations.  With experience from headlined events — GM’s ignition switch recall and United Airline’s “Chairman’s Flight” investigation — to seminal events in US history — Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, the Watergate scandal and the assassination of President Kennedy, we offer the power, integrity and diligence of our institution to deliver for clients in a crisis.

We provide complete coverage and address the spectrum of crisis issues.  Drawing from professionals spanning all six offices, we deliver leadership across key practice disciplines, including investigations, compliance and defense; privacy and information governance; government controversies and public policy litigation; government contracts; corporate governance; environmental and workplace health and safety; antitrust; securities litigation; insurance recovery and counseling and more.  Additionally, our long-standing relationships with and understanding of key regulatory agencies adds to our ability to support companies navigating challenges at the intersection of business and government, including before the DOJ, SEC, DOT, FAA, FERC, FCC and EPA, among others.

When your future is at risk, you need the right team to protect your interests.  Our white collar and corporate counseling partners have the judgment, skills, relationships and experience delivering an integrated approach to manage a crisis.  We help create your response plan, rehearse your position and guide your actions so that you address all aspects of the matter — the legal issues; congressional or regulatory investigations; civil litigation; media and investor scrutiny; and the long-term business or career implications.  Our services include:


Experience is our strength in the board room as we offer guidance on the highest-level of issues and concerns.  We facilitate strategic planning or table-top discussions on security breaches; compliance, audit and risk management.  We consult with and advise public company boards of directors on their rights, fiduciary and other responsibilities and strategies in crisis situations.  It is what we do — day in and day out.  Most importantly, we guide companies to reinforce a culture of compliance, create an autonomous and transparent reporting structure and establish a well-resourced compliance function with stature in the company and visibility into risks.


We quickly mobilize a high-powered litigation team.  Our litigators counsel clients on civil, administrative and criminal matters across a range of complex issues and matters.  We handle matters of any size or scope, drawing on the experience of former prosecutors and senior SEC lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers and transactional partners to investigate, analyze and further our client’s case.  In many matters, we represent officers or directors facing personal liability.  We are widely known for our corporate internal investigation experience, and regularly represent clients in SEC and other investigations alleging financial fraud, accounting irregularities, disclosure and internal control deficiencies, insider trading, Ponzi schemes, foreign corrupt practices and other misconduct.  The fact that we are generally independent of financial institutions and accountants allows us to credibly investigate and evaluate allegations of professional malpractice, impropriety and wrongdoing.


Companies of all sizes and structures encounter disputes, rumors and unfortunate luck, no matter how well run or managed they are.  Every second counts in a crisis.  Our lawyers instantly step in to handle disruptions so that a company maintains its brand, reputation and operations.  Whether obtaining a non-prosecution or deferred prosecution agreement, we are adept at finding the truth and repairing the issue.  Jenner & Block has a track-record of bringing companies and their executives through crises and emerging stronger than before. 


We represent individuals and companies facing criminal charges.  Our lawyers help clients avoid suspension and disbarment in the face of charges and allegations, while working quickly to protect, defend and repair reputations as needed.