Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

As they have grown in popularity, cryptocurrencies have garnered increased interest and attention from existing businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve and new market participants intent on disrupting the financial system.  Accompanying that growth are potential pitfalls and challenges for exchanges, investors and other platforms as a result of bad actors who have repeatedly attempted to exploit these new technological developments through hacks, fraud and other abuses.  Increasingly, regulatory authorities have been active in imposing a growing array of regulations and requirements to govern the space, and in bringing enforcement actions to rein in abuses.

Jenner & Block’s lawyers stay current on the latest developments in cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the blockchain and distributed ledger technology underlying them.  We have counseled clients and published on cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings, including on securities, tax, insurance and other issues. Our deep bench of former government lawyers allow us to help clients navigate the complex and dynamic regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies and are available to help in the event that a government regulator makes an inquiry.  In this dynamic, challenging and ever changing environment, our lawyers are well positioned to counsel our clients as the business and legal landscapes continues to shift.