Blockchain and Digital Assets

Blockchain technology and digital assets are reshaping industries from finance to media, attracting entrepreneurs, investors, and the world’s largest and most innovative companies, and commanding the attention of regulatory authorities around the world. The promise of innovation has also attracted all manner of bad actors and misconduct. The space remains highly volatile and requires constant attention to keep pace with a rapidly changing landscape. The risks and legal complexity should not be underestimated, but opportunity beckons for those who can successfully navigate them.

Jenner & Block’s lawyers operate at the forefront of the blockchain industry. We are proud to support a global client base ranging from a top trading platform to a leading “layer 0” protocol, a category leading data oracle provider, some of the oldest and most well-established DeFi projects, NFT gaming platforms, crypto fund founders, token issuers, projects governed by DAOs, and companies exploring blockchain and the metaverse.

Blockchain law requires lawyers to think creatively across disciplines. Our team includes litigators and transactional attorneys with expertise in securities, commodities, governance, media and IP rights, content moderation, tax, and bankruptcy and restructuring, among others. We combine deep sector expertise with Jenner’s strength as a go-to firm for high stakes litigation and government investigations, to assist blockchain clients on their most sensitive matters and high-stakes litigation.