The Jenner & Block approach to cybersecurity mirrors the way companies approach cybersecurity, creating multi-disciplinary teams to support clients while addressing the entire spectrum of cybersecurity issues. Cybersecurity involves protecting an organization’s assets and its connected ecosystems, and requires capitalizing on expertise beyond the IT or Information Security departments, incorporating perspectives from all lines of business  to holistically address cybersecurity throughout the organization.  We are unique in our collective experience, which enables us to understand in-house obligations.  We have also advised numerous clients on obtaining and reviewing cyberinsurance coverage.  Our team includes the former general counsel of a major network defense and forensic services company that investigates data breaches, the former chief privacy officer of the Department of Justice as well as a former university chief privacy officer and industry analyst who understands technical tools and controls to secure information and prevent a data breach.

Frequent, headline-grabbing data breaches and cyber incidents have drawn the scrutiny of government agencies and forced corporate boards to spend significant resources and attention on cybersecurity preparedness and response.  Many data breaches and cyber attacks pose threats not just to core business activities, but to data privacy as well.  Accordingly, we recognize that companies and individuals alike sometimes find themselves in the converged world where privacy (rights of individuals) and cybersecurity (needs of organizations) require the experience and ability to provide counsel that encompasses the entire spectrum of legal guidance for both privacy and cybersecurity. 

Through our core practice of Privacy and Information Governance, Jenner & Block has formed an integrated cross-disciplinary team of practitioners.  Our team includes attorneys with experience in practices ranging from Investigations, Insurance Recovery and Government Contracts to Class Action Litigation, Consumer Law and Government Controversies, in anticipation of the complement of skills and experience that clients may require.  Our readiness to address the full range of legal issues that data breaches and cyber attacks can raise allows us to address the complete life cycle of cybersecurity preparedness and response: planning and compliance, training and counseling through dispute resolution. 

Businesses of all types have accumulated vast amounts of electronically stored personal data, intellectual property and other business-sensitive data.  Because of the interconnected nature of electronic information networks, companies’ assets,  which often include the company’s “crown jewels,” are vulnerable.  We work with companies pro-actively to identify and protect those assets, and we assist companies in rapid response and remediation in the event of a cybersecurity incident.