Internal Investigations

We have one of the country’s premier practices in the field of internal investigations.  Whether an investigation is prompted by a whistleblower complaint, a hotline inquiry, a government inquiry, a proactive compliance audit, or other means, we apply decades of experience to ensure that the investigation navigates the minefields of government disclosure issues, labor laws, privacy laws, stockholder considerations, and the potential for civil or criminal liability.

We have conducted internal investigations for publicly held corporations, privately held corporations, and governmental entities.  We have conducted investigations across the United States and in dozens of locations abroad.  Our experience extends to potential violations of securities laws, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, theft of trade secrets and other proprietary information, import/export laws, tax laws, and many other civil and criminal laws. 

We write and speak extensively on internal investigations and are a “go-to” firm for some of the largest corporations in the world in their most significant, high-profile matters.  At the same time, our extensive experience allows us to approach investigations thoughtfully to ensure we are making smart choices about the scope of those investigations.  Where the circumstances require it, we can bring considerable resources to bear on an investigation; at the same time, we have the experience to be thoughtful, targeted and efficient.  

Our background and experience with many federal and state government enforcement agencies enables us to provide sound advice concerning the best course of action if wrongdoing is identified.  When government agencies do get involved, we have the credibility and experience to effectively handle potential disclosures to and negotiations with authorities.

Finally, we have vast experience with corporate compliance and counseling.  We have created compliance programs designed to minimize wrongdoing and satisfy the expectations of government agencies, and we have counseled clients who wish to upgrade or modify existing programs.  We have also assisted clients in remediating problems that are identified during the course of internal or government investigations.