In addition to Jenner & Block’s preeminence in high tech content protection litigation, we are among the nation’s leading practitioners in traditional copyright and entertainment litigation.  Clients look to the Firm to handle all manner of disputes concerning their valuable intellectual property.  Whether the actions are based on copyright, contract, statutory rights, tort, accounting, or otherwise, we help content owners enforce their rights and defend against claims brought by others.  Jenner & Block regularly represents entertainment companies, authors and publishers, and copyright owners of all kinds in high-profile disputes, spanning issues such as substantial similarity, fair use, renewal and termination rights, rights of publicity, theft of ideas, and works-for-hire.

Jenner & Block is regularly engaged to handle contractual disputes relating to licensing rights, talent and distribution agreements, and royalty accountings.  These claims are most commonly asserted by artists and composers and relate to subjects as varied as the scope of rights granted, the applicable rates for digital exploitation, the propriety of deductions taken, exploitation and collections by foreign subsidiaries, joint authorship, and many more.  The Firm’s extensive experience with the intricacies of entertainment contracts and royalty accountings has proven to be a great asset to clients in navigating these complex actions.