Jenner & Block

Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices

We offer a large cadre of first-chair trial lawyers who have obtained effective results in cases of significant exposure.  Many of our lawyers have advanced scientific training, bringing added value to fact development and expert defenses. 

  • Multinational Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Company: Defense of dozens of pharmaceutical and medical device products.  Roles have included national coordinating counsel, regional counsel and trial counsel.  We have done extensive work in areas of science involving medicine (hepatology, endocrinology, neurology, psychiatry), epidemiology, toxicology, pharmacovigilance and risk management.
  • Flu Vaccine Manufacturer:  National coordinating counsel for over 50 lawsuits, alleging that exposure to vaccines caused neurological delays and other injuries to children.  Successful resolution based on early fact-finding and motion practice.
  • International Chemical and Medical Product Company: Defense of nationwide childhood vaccine litigation; member of a national team defending class action litigation involving silicone breast implants; analysis of biotechnology licensing issues.
  • Medical Device Manufacturer: National litigation counsel for a leading manufacturer of medical devices, defending against products liability actions involving device used in surgery.
  • Manufacturer of Brand-Name Prescription Drugs:  Lead trial counsel in the successful antitrust defense against charges of a Sherman Act conspiracy in an eleven-week jury trial. 
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer: Lead trial counsel at trial and on appeal, obtaining insurance coverage for over 1500 diethylstilbestrol personal injury cases.
  • Device Manufacturer: Lead counsel on insurance action obtaining coverage for business losses following hurricane damage.
  • International Pharmaceutical Company: Lead counsel in multinational dispute over supply of contaminated chemical used to manufacture pharmaceutical, leading to an international recall.  Successful arbitration, with client receiving damages award and partial attorneys’ fees.
  • Major Pharmaceutical Company: Defense of multiple class action lawsuits filed by patients and insurers alleging that the company engaged in fraudulent marketing and pricing practices.
  • State University: Defense of “whistleblower” lawsuits arising from liver transplant program.
  • Medical Device Manufacturer: Defense of multiple medical device claims involving penile implant products.
  • Multinational Manufacturer: Litigation risk assessment and risk management recommendations for innovative pharmaceutical at pre-marketing stage.
  • Development of risk assessment protocols and procedures and early warning systems for application to business lines or business products.

In addition, our attorneys have defended numerous toxic tort actions involving causation issues including issues of medicine, epidemiology and toxicology.