Food Contamination

Our attorneys have represented national food manufacturers against nationwide class actions and individual claims arising out of alleged food contamination following a national recall of multiple product lines.  We also represent clients in connection with related regulatory and law enforcement investigations.

The following are Food Contamination representative engagements handled by lawyers in our Products Liability and Mass Tort Defense Practice:

  • National Food Manufacturer: Defense of nationwide food contamination claims, including class actions and individual actions, related to recall of certain product lines alleged to have caused a listeria outbreak.
  • Fortune 100 Beverage Manufacturer: Defense of nationwide class action claims involving use of sweeteners in beverage products.
  • Major Meat Manufacturer: Defense of meat manufacturer in connection with USDA, FDA and federal grand jury investigation regarding use of growth hormones in product.
  • Fortune 250 Food Manufacturer:  Defense of a California class action claim involving sale of products as “reduced sugar” products.
  • Major Cereal Manufacturer: Defense of class action claims involving genetically modified food products.
  • International Provider of Food and Agricultural Products and Services:  Counseled client in recall of meat products for E. coli contamination.