Jenner & Block


Attorneys in our Government Contract Practice advise and defend contractors in government contract termination claims and appeals. Our termination work includes representation of large defense contractors in complex, contested appeals of government termination decisions as well as contractors who seek a “no-cost” termination as a means of ending a contractual relationship that has proved not to be in either party’s interest.  We defend contractors who have their contracts improperly terminated for default, counsel contractors who are threatened by the government with a termination for default, and help contractors submit monetary claims to recover costs and profit in both terminations for default and in terminations for the government’s convenience. Our Firm also has represented a major client in the single largest and most contentious dispute involving the termination of a government contract in modern history, the A-12 termination, which has run for some 20 years. Given our long experience, we have developed an extensive library of termination materials on all of the issues surrounding the government's termination rights and obligations, as well as the contractor's termination rights and remedies.