Medical Devices / Pharmaceuticals / Food Class Actions

  • Represented one of the largest cereal manufacturers in connection with a nationwide class action lawsuit alleging injuries from genetically modified corn in certain of the company’s products.  We were able to settle the class action claims at no cost to the company and prosecuted commercial claims against its suppliers of the genetically modified corn to recover our client’s damages in having to recall its products.
  • Represented one of the largest soft drink manufacturers in connection with class action litigation arising out of claims of consumer fraud and deceptive advertising.
  • Defended class actions throughout the country alleging neurological injury resulting from exposure to industrial welding fumes.
  • Defended nationwide class action claims against a Fortune 100 beverage manufacturer involving use of sweeteners in beverage products.
  • Defended a California class action claim against a Fortune 250 food manufacturer involving sale of products as "reduced sugar" products.
  • Represented a leading chemical company in class action litigation involving silicone breast implants.
  • Representation of a leading food corporation in connection with nationwide food contamination class action claims related to recall of certain product lines alleged to have caused a listeria outbreak.
  • Represented a class of Cook County prison inmates, on a pro bono basis, who were poisoned by tainted food.