We help foreign and U.S. ceding insurers, including captives, and reinsurers resolve multi-party reinsurance disputes through counseling, arbitration and litigation in the U.S. and abroad. Our attorneys are seasoned trial attorneys with a track record of success in the courtroom and in arbitration on a wide range of reinsurance disputes. We demonstrate that we are prepared to take matters to trial or a hearing, which often helps to achieve favorable settlements.

Our experience includes engagements relating to many of the major disputes that have hit the reinsurance market in recent years, including disputes relating to the 9/11 tragedy, film finance insurance, Enron and Worldcom professional liability exposures, catastrophe bonds, workers’ compensation carve out insurance, EIL insurance, and a broad range of facultative disputes.   These matters involved claims in which the amounts at issue regularly exceeded $100 million, and we have had great success in resolving matters through trials, hearings, or settlements.

Our experience in reinsurance matters is further enhanced by the firm’s recognized proficiency in insurance law, environmental law, products liability, insurance insolvency, arbitrations and complex litigation.  Our broad practice allows us to bring substantive expertise to reinsurance disputes, enabling us to deliver effective and efficient service in negotiating settlements, and where necessary, in litigation and arbitration across the United States and abroad.