Will Weaver represents clients facing challenges at the intersection of investigations, regulation, and litigation, helping clients respond to sensitive government inquiries and high-stakes litigation. He has helped major technology companies navigate a fast-changing regulatory environment by evaluating challenges to proposed legislation and regulations, preparing top executives for congressional hearings, and defending lawsuits involving current political subjects like the Communications Decency Act. He counsels clients on pending legislation and regulations.

Will has represented clients in numerous congressional investigations and hearings, including preparing witnesses for hearings before committees of the US Congress, the European Parliament, and US state legislatures. He has prepared top executives for hearings before the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and has advised political nominees in their personal capacity on their nominations and confirmation hearings. He has represented clients in criminal inquiries and, in his active appellate practice, has represented clients before the US Supreme Court and US courts of appeals. Recently, he won a resounding victory before the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit on behalf of a client seeking asylum and relief under the Convention Against Torture. He also has experience representing clients in complex, high-stakes global disputes.

Will’s active pro bono practice has included representing public advocacy organizations in a constitutional challenge to a state juvenile justice system, asylum seekers in proceedings before an immigration judge, and a criminal defendant challenging a search warrant on appeal.