Mr. Byman has tried dozens of cases to jury or bench verdict in a gamut of substantive areas, including patents and intellectual property, commodities and securities, trade practices, environmental, employment, land use, professional liability, civil rights, and a wide variety of complex contractual disputes with issues such as insurance, construction, franchising, licensing, and corporate acquisitions and reorganizations.

Mr. Byman served as lead counsel to the firm's then-chairman, Anton. R. Valukas, in his capacity as examiner in the Lehman Bankruptcy.

Mr. Byman was lead counsel for General Electric Capital Corporation in a six-week jury trial in a complex contractual dispute against General Motors Corp. and its subsidiary DirecTV, Inc., resulting in the largest jury verdict ever in the State of Connecticut - $133,000,000 (The award was later increased to $181,000,000 as a result of offer-of-judgment interest and attorneys’ fees.)

Other representative cases include:

  • Represented a publicly held pharmaceutical company in a multi-billion dollar contractual dispute with a joint venture; favorable result
  • Represented an Insurance Company in a $20 million re-insurance coverage dispute; award for the client in the full amount claimed
  • Represented the former division president of a major bank in an non-competition and non-disclosure action in which the bank sought $4 million in monetary damages plus injunctive relief; case dismissed and attorneys fees awarded to client
  • Represented plaintiff in a multi-million action for defective construction of the window wall system in a high-rise office building; $5 million jury verdict for client
  • Represented defendant in patent, breach of contract action brought by supplier; jury verdict for client
  • Represented multiple floor traders in CFTC enforcement action charging conspiracy and prearranged trading; verdict for clients
  • Represented defendant in breach of contract and theft of trade secrets action; Jury verdict for plaintiff for $6 million set aside by court
  • Represented developer in zoning dispute in connection with 600-unit residential planned development; verdict for client
  • Represented taxpayer in multi-million dollar IRS tax assessment; verdict for taxpayer
  • Represented public company in 10(b)(5) class action suit; jury verdict for company
  • Represented 20% minority shareholder in 10(b)(5) action against company; jury verdict for shareholder
  • Represented public company in 10(b)(5) action brought by substantial individual shareholder seeking in excess of $10 million in direct damages; case settled after two weeks of jury trial