Paul  Alp

Mr. Alp has spent decades representing and advising clients on aviation and aerospace issues.  Clients seek his counsel in complex matters involving certification, compliance, and related disputes.  He brings unique, multifaceted aviation experience to problem solving and advocacy.  He helps aviation and aerospace companies establish and maintain compliance, manage and mitigate risk, defend investigations and enforcement actions, and thrive in a dynamic regulatory environment.  In addition to his accomplished regulatory practice, he regularly represents clients in arbitrations, internal investigations, and compliance reviews, and has successfully resolved a wide variety of aviation disputes without the need for trial.

Prior to rejoining the firm in 2021, Mr. Alp served as senior counsel at The Boeing Company, where he supported regulatory compliance and safety for commercial aircraft.  In that role, he advised on all aspects of product certification, compliance, corrective action, and continued operational safety; worked closely with the engineering, quality, and safety organizations; defended enforcement actions; and interacted regularly with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other government agencies.  He also served as legal focal for the Boeing Commercial Airplanes safety management system and provided strategic advice on risk management in product certification.

In private practice, Mr. Alp has advised a wide range of clients including major air carriers, product manufacturers, maintenance and repair organizations, insurers, and industry associations.  He devotes substantial time to counseling and compliance in international regulatory matters, in particular with respect to certification, operational approvals, product escapes, safety, and security.  Mr. Alp has defended major enforcement actions and represented clients in numerous matters involving the FAA, Department of Transportation (DOT), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Justice (DOJ), European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and other agencies.

A large part of Mr. Alp’s practice focuses on resolving complex problems involving noncompliances and their consequences, including risk assessment, crisis management, investigations, corrective action, and commercial disputes.  His aviation experience has included serving as lead outside counsel to US airlines in their collective response to the FAA’s flight and duty time rulemaking; developing the quality management system for a manufacturer entering the aerospace business; serving as national coordinating counsel for an aviation insurer in the defense of air accident lawsuits; conducting an international arbitration for a European airline in a dispute over interior modifications; representing the domestic cargo airlines in a DC Circuit challenge to a wide-ranging airworthiness directive; and leading due diligence activities in a multi-million dollar acquisition of an international aerospace manufacturer.

Mr. Alp is a licensed commercial pilot. He has worked as a multiengine flight instructor and served as vice-chair of the ABA’s TIPS Aviation and Space Law Committee. Mr. Alp is currently serving as an appointee to the FAA’s Airman Certification Standards Working Group.