Recent matters as lead counsel include:

  • Defending class action lawsuits involving:
    • credit reporting after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge order issues
    • mobile telephone consent under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
    • disclosure of tax consequences of debt cancellation by debt collectors under the FDCPA
  • Representations including:
    • a lender in a state attorney general inquiry regarding the SCRA
    • a lender regarding an investigatory subpoena served by the United States Trustee
    • a secured lender in responding to a subpoena served by an unsecured creditors’ committee
    • an investor regarding investor disputes regarding a large energy investment 
    • a corporation in a dispute with an IT provider to its Treasury group
    • a consumer lender in disputes with vendor partners in a private label program
    • a residential real estate lender regarding securitization-related claims
  • Advised and guided clients regarding:
    • the legal position of a financial institution after a large retailer data breach
    • a new product and regulatory review of an alternative mortgage product
    • whether the hardware of a start-up infringed or otherwise violated a lender’s intellectual property rights
    • antitrust issues relating to the payment card industry
    • negotiating an acquiring bank agreement with a large consumer goods and entertainment provider

Mr. Noga also is engaged in the Citigroup Monitorship Team supporting Tom Perrelli as Monitor for the Citi RMBS Settlement Agreement signed by the federal government, five states and Citigroup on July 11, 2014.

Before joining the firm, as in-house counsel Mr. Noga successfully defended a large US financial institution against tens of billions of dollars in commercial and consumer claims and collected more than $2 billion in plaintiff actions.  Mr. Noga created and led an internal investigation team that investigated more than 75 matters a year on five continents and was responsible for more than 50 external investigations conducted by regulatory or enforcement authorities worldwide.