Jenner & Block

Miwa Shoda is a partner who plays a key role in Jenner & Block’s Japan practice.  She is admitted to practice law both in Japan (inactive) and the United States.  Drawing on her extensive practice experience in both countries, deep understanding of Japanese business culture and language skills, Ms. Shoda has significant experience representing Japanese companies in litigation and transactional/corporate matters in the United States.

After she passed the Japanese bar exam in 2001 (a period in which the passing rate was only 2.5%), Ms. Shoda began her career in 2004 as an attorney at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, one of the top law firms in Tokyo.  While there, she handled a wide range of international cases and matters, with particular emphasis on international litigation, antitrust and intellectual property issues, including trademarks and patents.

Since she joined Jenner & Block in 2009, Ms. Shoda has advised Japanese companies on a variety of legal matters – including litigation, intellectual property, corporate, antitrust, white-collar and M&A – across the United States.  She plays a key role in most matters in which Jenner & Block represents Japanese companies. 

Wide varieties of Japanese companies conducting business worldwide in various industries seek Ms. Shoda’s advice, including major electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing companies, multinational industry machinery manufacturers, banks and financial institutions, multinational trading companies (both sogo shosha and senmon shosha), a leading clinical development contract research organization, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, video game developer and distribution companies, food companies, a major airline company, various retail companies, a major advertising and public relations company and an AI-related software developer, among others.  Ms. Shoda’s extensive practice experience in both Japan and the United States is highly appreciated by Japanese who face legal issues in the United States, where the legal system and business culture differ vastly from that of Japan.

Prior to joining Jenner & Block, Ms. Shoda worked as a visiting attorney in the Los Angeles office of a large international law firm, where she represented Japanese clients in a well-publicized antitrust case, in addition to assisting on patent litigation and negotiations, among other matters.

Ms. Shoda is admitted to practice law in Japan (currently inactive), California and New York.  Ms. Shoda was born and raised in Japan and completed her legal education in both Japan and the United States (University of Chicago Law School, LL.M.; University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, Master of Laws; and University of Tokyo, Bachelor of Laws).  Her native language is Japanese, and she is fluent in English.