Lee S. Wolosky

Mr. Wolosky has led the following representative matters:

  • Representation of artificial intelligence company in multidistrict litigation, multiple state court actions and international investigations
  • Representation of major media corporation in multi-billion dollar JAMS arbitration
  • Representation of Special Master in ongoing sanctions-related judgment enforcement proceeding
  • Co-Monitor of Tier One global financial institution
  • Representation of key witness in 2020 impeachment proceedings against President Trump
  • Representation of a high-profile individual and corporation in investigation and multi-jurisdictional litigation related to a computer hack allegedly perpetrated by foreign sovereign
  • Representation of a major US oil company in complying with US sanctions targeting a foreign government and in negotiations with the US government
  • Representation of a witness (and former senior US official) in Congressional Russia-related investigations
  • Representation of multiple former White House officials facing alleged retaliatory employment action
  • Dismissal of a multibillion-dollar claim in a precedent-setting invocation of the state secrets privilege by the US government
  • Multi-jurisdictional litigation against a major Chinese bank on behalf of terror victims, resulting in multiple precedent-setting rulings in international discovery matters and the piercing of governmental privileges
  • Multi-pronged international steel industry dispute involving intellectual property, antitrust and civil RICO claims in multiple US and foreign jurisdictions
  • Representation of a hospitality corporation in connection with high-profile sexual assault allegations made by an employee against a patron
  • Representation of an Emmy-award winning journalist in offensive claims related to a defamation action filed against the journalist
  • Advised a foreign sovereign on US legal exposure resulting from ongoing civil litigation
  • Dismissal of all US claims in multi-jurisdictional litigation brought against a Gulf- and Europe-based private equity firm alleging blackmail, conspiracy, commercial defamation and tortious interference with contract
  • Representation of a foreign presidential candidate in connection with criminal allegations
  • Representation of a major Latin American bank in connection with US litigation matters
  • Defense of a US company in connection with the enforcement of a Bahraini judgment
  • Ongoing civil litigation on behalf of terror victims against a major US corporation that had pleaded guilty to a federal criminal offense
Mr. Wolosky has successfully co-led the following recent representative matters:
  • Representation of US terror victims, including the 9/11 families, in judgment enforcement proceedings against the Taliban and Iran and various agencies and instrumentalities of Iran
  • A multi-jurisdictional, multi-billion dollar business divorce in the insurance sector, leading to more than 20 separate litigations or arbitrations in multiple domestic and international fora, and one trial in federal court
  • Representation of a former insurance industry CEO in multiple state and federal governmental investigations and litigations
  • Representation of a former insurance industry CEO in defamation action against a New York politician and author
  • Representation of a defrauded investor in a Chinese reverse merger company
  • Representation of a Major League Baseball franchise in connection with international operations
  • Resolution of several FCPA investigations, including representation of an officer and director of a Fortune 50 company.