John A. Sobel

Mr. Sobel is a Senior Government Relations Specialist in the firm’s Government Relations Practice.  He advises clients on matters of public policy, with a focus on Native American affairs, natural resource issues, foreign affairs, and California politics.

Mr. Sobel served as Chief of Staff to a member of Congress from California for nearly eight years. Mr. Sobel specialized in Native American policy and other policy areas under the natural resources umbrella, including federal land issues, forestry, mineral extraction, and renewable energy. Mr. Sobel assisted the 14 cities and three counties within the congressional district with matters before the federal government. Mr. Sobel also directed policy for the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere and served as the congressional office’s liaison to embassies and governments of Asia, Central America, South America, and Europe. He has led numerous successful legislative efforts and administrative lobbying efforts related to the Department of the Interior, Forest Service, Federal Aviation Administration, and Office of Management and Budget, among others. He was instrumental in negotiating a 90,000-acre land agreement in Johnson Valley, CA involving US Marine Corps, Department of Defense, and multiple constituent groups.

During this period, Mr. Sobel directed and consulted for four successful congressional races and one successful supervisorial contest in San Bernardino County.

Previously, Mr. Sobel spent nearly 10 years employed in the California State Assembly, ending his time as a Chief of Staff to a member of the Assembly. He was instrumental to the passage of California’s landmark “Tribal Customary Adoption” law. In total, he guided 33 bills to the California governor’s desk.