Glenn Rippie is a partner in the Energy Practice with more than three decades of experience.  He counsels electric and gas industry clients on their most important strategic, regulatory, operational and financial matters, and litigates disputed energy issues before state and federal agencies, and trial and appellate courts.

Mr. Rippie represents energy industry clients with significant regulatory matters.  He has worked with electric and gas industry clients to establish and revise their rates and regulated service revenues, and to develop and implement innovative rate designs and structures including formula, incentive and performance-linked rates.  Mr. Rippie also assists clients with legal and regulatory aspects of the planning, operation, reliability and performance of their systems, including investigations into the prudence of operations and investments as well as in siting, securing regulatory approval for, and successfully constructing new electric and gas facilities.  He has acted as counsel in regulatory matters relating to financing energy investments and businesses, including through securitized debt, and in the purchase and sale of energy assets and businesses.  He has also represented clients in procuring energy and capacity, and in the interconnection and procurement of specific categories of resources as well as assisting significant users of power, including with their purchase of energy and generation assets. 

Mr. Rippie provides counsel to senior management on proactive policies and strategies for a rapidly evolving technological, economic, regulatory and legal environment.  He has helped clients overcome regulatory, legal and public policy challenges, and implement forward-looking strategies in areas and on topics ranging from open access in the 1990s through AMI, Smart Grid, DER, microgrids, and storage, and incentive and alternative ratemaking.

Before joining Jenner & Block LLP, Mr. Rippie was a founding partner of a top-tier Chambers-ranked boutique firm that concentrated on energy and infrastructure matters.  He has also been seconded to an energy sector client where he served in both senior regulatory and electric transmission roles.