Jenner & Block

Gabriel A. Fuentes is a trial lawyer and former Assistant U.S. Attorney with extensive experience in internal investigations, related litigation, and criminal appeals.  Gabe’s relentless investigations and aggressive style of advocacy have obtained winning results for clients.

  • Gabe has represented corporations and individuals in a series of significant federal antitrust matters including the DRAM, auto parts, freight forwarding, and cathode ray tube investigations.  In several cases, Gabe persuaded the Antitrust Division not to file Sherman Act charges against corporate and individual clients.  In others, Gabe’s cross-border internal investigation skills helped guide corporate clients through successful cooperation with the government. 
  • In a 2018 high-profile Illinois criminal murder prosecution of a Chicago police officer, Gabe led a group of media corporations in a successful effort to persuade the Illinois Supreme Court to open the sealed court file.
  • Gabe’s appellate skills won his client a new murder trial in an important August 2018 Illinois decision that rolled back prosecutors’ ability to present “criminal profiler” experts to tell juries how the profilers believe the crime happened.
  • Gabe has prepared, presented, opposed, and represented experts in numerous civil and criminal matters, including his successful defense of a forensic dentist in a trumped-up ethics investigation highlighted by The Washington Post.  Gabe brought the first challenge to fingerprint identification testimony in the Northern District of Illinois since the landmark 2009 National Academy of Sciences report calling this evidence into question.
  • Gabe’s numerous internal investigations include a $42 million false invoice scheme which Gabe unraveled for a Chicago bank, tracing and recovering $7 million in assets, and resulting in the federal prosecution of the two individuals behind the scheme.
  • Gabe’s successful defense of a group of homeowners in a suburban zoning dispute resulted in a change in Illinois law:  Homeowners who oppose a zoning proposal at a public meeting may no longer be sued simply for speaking against the proposal.
  • Gabe is a three-time award-winning pro bono lawyer and serves on the board of the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund.  He is active in the Federal Bar Association’s Chicago Chapter and the American Bar Association’s Commission on Youth at Risk.  He is a former president of the Chicago Council of Lawyers and a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association.