Douglass A. Mitchell

Mr. Mitchell is a partner in both the Complex Commercial Litigation, and Government Controversies and Public Policy Litigation Practices.  With more than two decades of litigation, trial and appellate experience, and with experience around the globe, he helps guide clients to achieve positive outcomes before, during or after trial.

Clients turn to Mr. Mitchell when they face complex, high-stakes matters.  He has, for example, successfully represented clients in matters relating to civil racketeering and fraud.  He has defended individuals in large, multi-defendant criminal prosecutions involving, among other things, mortgage fraud, racketeering and organized crime.  He has also counseled clients facing government investigations.

Mr. Mitchell has represented clients in matters ranging from multi-jurisdictional disputes involving business torts to international efforts to enforce multibillion-dollar judgments entered against Iran for its participation in acts of terrorism.  He has represented victims of international terrorism in their efforts to hold accountable those who carried out and facilitated the terrorist attacks that injured or killed victims.