A veteran of the US Department of Justice, Brian Hauck is Co-Chair of the State Enforcement and Regulation Practice and a member of the firm’s Government Controversies and Public Policy Litigation Practice.  Having worked with agencies across the United States in a variety of contexts, Mr. Hauck brings the credibility of one who has partnered with those agencies when their interests have aligned, worked creatively with them when their interests have not, and is prepared to litigate when necessary.  Whether negotiating with State Attorneys General, advocating before a state commission, or explaining a complicated policy issue to a city council, Mr. Hauck develops compelling legal strategies that advance his clients’ multifaceted interests.  He focuses first on achieving quiet, efficient resolutions where possible, brings an expertise in significant, multiparty matters, and is always ready for high-stakes litigation.

Mr. Hauck has negotiated complex resolutions of nationwide, multistate Attorney General matters in sectors ranging from financial services to hospitality, and a number of consumer-facing industries.  He has overseen internal investigations for energy, transportation and other companies in highly regulated industries, and he has appeared before federal, state and local agencies on their behalf. He has advocated for his clients in federal and state courts, and with members of Congress and city councils.  In all of these matters, Mr. Hauck works to ensure that the company’s legal strategy aligns with its business and public relations strategies.  

Regulators trust Mr. Hauck because he has served in roles similar to theirs, having served in senior Justice Department positions and as the lead staff person to the independent panel investigating the US Secret Service’s protection of the White House compound.  He has partnered closely with them, building, for example, a coalition of 49 State Attorneys General and several federal agencies for the landmark $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement.  And he has been entrusted by them to oversee implementation of their own hard-fought efforts, as he maintains day-to-day working relationships with agencies across the country on ongoing settlements that the Attorneys General have appointed Jenner & Block to monitor.  

Attorneys General and other regulators know that Mr. Hauck is a constructive, creative partner as he advances his clients’ interests.  Importantly, they also know that he is prepared to litigate when appropriate – as he did while serving as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ’s Civil Division, overseeing all significant tort litigation against the United States, including litigation alleging trillions of dollars of damages arising out of Hurricane Katrina; the Deepwater Horizon enforcement action; and lawsuits against high-level officials for the United States’ use of drones.  While at the DOJ, he also served as chief of staff and senior counsel to the US Associate Attorney General.  In that role, he coordinated litigation, legislative and public affairs aspects of matters ranging from settlements of billion-dollar litigation to important public policy initiatives.  Among his other accomplishments, Mr. Hauck oversaw the development and implementation of a $20 billion fund to compensate victims of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Mr. Hauck started his career at Jenner & Block and, following his departure from government service, rejoined the firm in 2015.