Jenner & Block


A representative sample of Ms. Steiner’s recent cases includes:

  • Represented a lender in an arbitration hearing regarding a dispute over responsibility for a shortfall in collateral in connection with a complex real estate financing arrangement secured by a portfolio of New York high-rise office buildings.
  • Represents a number of mortgage originators in lawsuits concerning the origination, sale and securitization of mortgage loans and loan portfolios.
  • Represented a lender in obtaining a nine-digit arbitration award in connection with defaulted loans on environmentally-impaired properties.
  • Represented GE Capital in a lengthy jury trial in Connecticut involving satellite television financing, in which a $181 million judgment was entered in favor of GE Capital.
  • Represented a lender in Colorado state court in a dispute involving complex securitization financing.
  • Represented a mortgagor in an appraisal proceeding in Philadelphia and obtained an 8-digit recovery in connection with a fire-damaged high rise with asbestos and microbial damage.
  • Represented a credit card issuer in state court proceedings in Connecticut and obtained an 8-digit recovery from several insurance carriers in connection with payments made to resolve earlier disputes with regulators and consumers.
  • Represented a research company in patent litigation in California involving LCD technology.
  • Represented a manufacturer in patent litigation in California involving the alleged infringement of tuner patents for TVs and VCRs.
  • Represented Hitachi, Ltd. in a trial against Motorola in Texas involving the alleged infringement of microprocessor and microcontroller patents, and in patent litigation in Massachusetts, the Eastern District of Virginia, the Western District of Texas, the Northern District of California and the International Trade Commission.
  • Represented a technology company in multiple lawsuits against IBM and others in Illinois and Delaware involving the financing and sale of mainframe computers, peripherals and memory technology.
  • Represented the American Academy of Pediatrics in a jury trial in California involving antitrust allegations relating to infant formula.
  • Represented a public utility in lawsuits involving power generation technology and in matters relating to issues of corporate governance.