Jenner & Block

Mr. Trepp’s recent work includes:
  • In re Determination of Royalty Rates and Terms for Transmission of Sound Recordings by Satellite Radio and Preexisting Subscription Services (SDARS III):  Mr. Trepp was a lead associate on a team that represented artists and copyrights owners in a Copyright Royalty Board proceeding to set the statutory rates applicable to satellite radio and certain other streaming services for the years 2018-2022.  Following the submission of written testimony and several rounds of discovery, the matter culminated in a five-week trial before the Copyright Royalty Judges.    
  • United States ex rel. Steve Karol v. L-3 Communications: Mr. Trepp was a lead associate on a team that secured the dismissal of Relator’s False Claims Act allegations after a five-day jury trial.  Trial occurred in the Northern District of Texas.  Relator had sought damages in the amount of $480 million. 
  • Getty Images v. Microsoft: Mr. Trepp assisted in representing a leading digital images company in a litigation concerning the intersection of search engine technology and copyright protection.  The case was resolved through a favorable settlement achieved after Jenner & Block submitted summary judgment briefing. 
Mr. Trepp also maintains an active election law practice.  Recent engagements include:
  • Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission: Mr. Trepp was one of the primary drafters of a merits brief in this case concerning whether the Commission’s pursuit of neutral and traditional redistricting criteria justified minor population deviations in its state legislative map.  In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court upheld the Commission’s map and affirmed that the Commission’s attempt to draw districts that complied with Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act furthered a legitimate state interest because the districts were drawn before statutory provisions governing the application of Section 5 were held unconstitutional in Shelby County v. Holder.
  • Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar: Mr. Trepp was the lead associate and a primary drafter of an amicus brief concerning the effects of judicial elections on judicial decision-making.  Justice Ginsburg repeatedly cited and relied on the brief in her concurring opinion.