April 01, 2012

Partner Bradford P. Lyerla published an article titled, “Closing Argument: Focus on the pursuit of excellence,” in the April 2012 issue of Chicago Lawyer magazine. The article discusses the changes, or lack thereof, in the practice of law since Mr. Lyerla began practicing in 1980. Mr. Lyerla comments that contrary to the assumption that there have been profound changes over the past 32 years, he cannot identify any that he considers to be profound. He notes that there have been changes in technology, dress style, hourly rates and the influence of professional law firm managers, but concludes, “To our great good fortune, the core of what we do has remained undisturbed. Like lawyers of prior generations, we read, think, write and argue.” Mr. Lyerla acknowledges that there may be more unhappy lawyers today, but addresses those lawyers, advising, “To be joyful, we must stay focused on the pursuit of excellence. For joy to thrive in your law practice, focus on excellence in the core of what we do.”