October 01, 2001

Daniel R. Murray, Co-Chair of the Firm's Commercial Law and Uniform Commercial Code Practice, and Timothy J. Chorvat, Partner in the Practice, co-authored a series of articles on the topic of electronic commerce: Symposium, the Uniform Rules of Evidence; State Gladiators Go High Tech With Records - Will The Feds Follow? 54 Okla. L.Rev. 573 (2001), and Stepping Up To The Next Level From The UETA To The URE And Beyond, 37 Idaho L. Rev. 415 (2001). 

Mr. Murray was the co-chairman, and Mr. Chorvat was a member, of the Task Force on Electronic Evidence, Subcommitte on Electronic Commerce, Committee on Law of Commerce in Cyberspace, Section on Business Law of the American Bar Association, which made several recommendations, including the definition of "record," that were included in the 1999 version of the Uniform Rules of Evidence.  They also lectured on that subject in a series of lectures as part of the Uniform Commercial Code Institute in Washington, Chicago and San Francisco.

For a copy of either of these two articles, please contact Mr. Murray or Mr. Chorvath.