July 28, 2022

Partners David M. KroegerWade A. Thomson, and Andrew W. Vail, Of Counsel Robert L. Byman, and Associates Catherine L. Doyle and Lindsey A. Lusk authored chapters in the 2022 edition of IICLE's Business and Commercial Litigation.

Wade A. Thomson and Robert L. Byman’s chapter on “Initial Evaluation of the Case” provides an overview of commercial litigation and the solicitation of clients. They discuss the early processes of client contact and case evaluation, as well as the decision to institute suit.

In their chapter on “Depositions,” Andrew W. Vail and Lindsey A. Lusk emphasize the value of depositions as a way to obtain information needed for trial and other matters. They walk readers through the entire process of a deposition, from basic mechanics to potential obstacles to the necessary conclusive actions.

David M. Kroeger and Catherine L. Doyle consider some key concepts in and benefits of insurance law in their chapter on “Insurance Issues.” The authors examine the initial process of insurance utilization in defense, along with the determination of what is included and excluded in insurance coverage.