January 11, 2022

In an essay for Politico titled “What I Learned When I Tried to Close Guantanamo,” Jenner & Block Partner Lee S. Wolosky lays out a pathway for President Joe Biden to close the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay for good. “This may require bolder solutions than his predecessor and some imperfect compromises — including finally abandoning the experiment with military trials — as well as the same resolve and leadership Biden demonstrated in extricating the United States from Afghanistan,” Mr. Wolosky writes. “The time has come to finish the yearslong process of restoring US moral credibility by untangling the knots that we ourselves tied in Guantanamo.” Mr. Wolosky served as Special Envoy for Guantanamo Closure under President Barack Obama and, until this month, as Special Counsel to President Biden. The New York Times reported on Mr. Wolosky's essay in an article titled “Biden Administration Approves 5 More Guantánamo Releases.”