August 14, 2020

Since state stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders began expiring across the nation, states have issued executive orders and guidance detailing their plans to reopen their economies. 

A team of our colleagues here at Jenner & Block is tracking the issuance of these orders and guidelines. This resource tracks developments in key areas, including:

  • effective dates of re-opening orders;
  • industries remaining closed;
  • the interaction between state and local orders; and
  • other noteworthy features.

Because some states have seen spikes after initially seeing a downward trend in cases, some states have re-closed industries that they had at one point reopened. At the same time, many other states have now reopened all industries subject to certain restrictions.

Our team will continue keeping this resource up-to-date in the coming months, tracking key developments and trends as they emerge and posting updates to our website twice weekly.