May 29, 2020

As state stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders have begun expiring across the nation, states have started issuing executive orders and guidance detailing their plans to reopen their economies in the coming months. 

A team of our colleagues here at Jenner & Block is tracking the issuance of these orders and guidelines.  This resource tracks developments in key areas, including:

  • effective dates of re-opening orders;
  • newly opening industries;
  • pending industry openings; and
  • other noteworthy features.

Many of these state reopening plans are modeled off of the federal reopening guidelines published by the White House in mid-April, which recommends a phased approach for reopening businesses and easing social distancing measures, and conditions a state’s progression through the phases on evidence of a “downward trajectory” in documented cases of COVID-19.  Some states are following the federal guidelines as written, while others are defining their own phases and their own benchmarks for progression through those phases.  The majority of states have begun, or plan to begin, by reopening manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and construction industries before allowing retail, personal service and office-based businesses to re-open.

Our team will continue keeping this resource – as well as our Shelter and Shutdown Orders Trackers – up-to-date in the coming months, tracking key developments and trends as they emerge and posting updates to our website twice weekly.

Download our Statewide Reopening Orders Tracker.

Download our Statewide Shelter and Shutdown Orders Tracker.

Download our Large City Shelter and Shutdown Orders Tracker.

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