Jenner & Block

“Setting Up a Social Media Regulator Is Fraught with Problems,” The Times Brief

In this editorial, Jenner & Block Partner Christine Braamskamp explains that the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has made several proposals for social media companies to take greater responsibility for the content they host.  The charity calls for the creation of an independent regulator, who would have investigative and enforcement powers over social media companies.  But Ms. Braamskamp notes that any new regulatory regime would “require significant funding and expertise.”  A new regulator would also face a difficult task, she adds.  “The sheer volume of incidents of online harassment, trolling, racism and child abuse is unprecedented, and appears to be largely uncontrollable.  If the government were serious about enforcing reform and regulatory change, it would have to devote considerable resources to the issue," she observes.