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“New In-Depth Study Seeks to Bring Renewed Rigor to the Concept of ‘Attribution’ in the Field of Investment Arbitration,” ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin, Issue 4

In this book review, Patrick W. Pearsall, partner and chair of the Public International Law Practice, analyses and praises Attribution in International Investment Law by Csaba Kovács and provides insight on the treatise’s 10 chapters. Mr. Pearsall states the book provides a good foundation of the State as an international investment law subject. Furthermore, he presents how the book offers valuable theoretical foundations of attribution in the realm of international investment law, the attribution of legitimate expectations, the attribution of contractual undertakings, the attribution of factual circumstances, attribution by State enterprises, attribution within the ICSID Convention jurisdictional framework, the procedural treatment of attribution, and finally attribution issues within the European Union investment agreements. Lastly, Mr. Pearsall concludes that Mr. Kovács promised and delivered a “one-stop reference on the question of attribution international investment law.”