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“A View Toward the Post-Brexit Future: The UK in the NAFTA?” Parts I and II, Kluwer Arbitration Blog

In a two-part series for Kluwer Arbitration Blog, Jenner & Block Partner Patrick W. Pearsall, who chairs our Public International Law Practice, and Associate Thomas Wingfield discuss the possibility of the UK joining the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Mr. Pearsall and Mr. Wingfield explain how, in a post Brexit-world, the idea that the UK might join the NAFTA is not only conceptually interesting, but worth serious consideration.  Part I outlines what has been discussed in terms of UK membership in the NAFTA so far, the ways in which the UK would benefit from joining the NAFTA and the history of the idea.  In Part II, Mr. Pearsall and Mr. Wingfield consider the present degree of appetite for the idea, the restrictions on the UK’s freedom to negotiate while still a member of the EU and the uncertainty about the future of the NAFTA itself.