Jenner & Block

“Trade Secrets and Computer Fraud Claims Persist,” Daily Journal

In this article, Jenner & Block Partner Brent Caslin and Associate Eugene Lim discuss recent trends regarding trade secrets and notable, high-profile trade secret cases leading up to the end of this year, including one where alleged losses amounted to ten times the largest bank robbery in history.  According to the authors, recent estimates by the 2017 IP Commission Report on the Theft of American Intellectual Property put the value of annual losses due to theft of trade secrets at close to $540 billion, revealing “…a dramatic struggle to protect trade secrets.”  

The authors go on to explain, in detail, other trade secret cases valued at upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars and how misappropriation and computer fraud claims are on the rise.  As sensitive data transfers continue to become commonplace in our technologically driven economy, “…we should expect trade secret cases to continue in 2018.”