October 12, 2016

Jenner & Block Partner Harry J. Roper served as an Editor in Chief of the third edition of Anatomy of a Patent Case, a guide to the trial of a patent case published jointly by the Federal Judicial Center and Bloomberg BNA.  The FJC makes the book available to all sitting district court judges, and BNA makes the book available to the public. Anatomy of a Patent Case is the work product of the Complex Litigation Committee of the American College of Trial Lawyers, of which Mr. Roper has been chair for the past two years. Jenner and Block Partner Paul D. Margolis ensured that the new edition comprehensively addressed the significant changes that have occurred in patent law in the past four years.  The book addresses the complex technical, procedural and legal issues inherent in a patent lawsuit but not typically found in other types of civil litigation.  In his preface to the third edition, Mr. Roper notes that the first and second editions – sent to all United States district judges – became best sellers.  With changes in the law since then, the Committee considered a new edition “imperative.”  In his foreword to the third edition, retired Judge Paul Michel of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit observes that the book leads the reader through the many stages of a patent infringement case:  “In 17 tightly written chapters supported by copious footnotes to the underlying authorities, the reader is shown how to proceed effectively, whether for the owner or accused infringer, and how to avoid stumbling into various ‘traps for the unwary.’ Despite the inherent complexity of the subject, [the text] is extraordinarily clear and eminently readable.”