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Documentary Credit World

Jenner & Block Partner Carter H. Klein wrote two articles that appear in the February 2016 issue of Documentary Credit World.  In one article, titled “Impossibility: The Exxon Case,” he examines the Exxon v. Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas case.  The case focuses on issues of ambiguity that were created in the court’s mind because the letter of credit was issued with a presentation requirement that was impossible to comply with before the letter of credit expired, but could be complied with after the letter of credit expired.  In the other article, “Ten Noteworthy US Letter of Credit Cases from the 20th Century: A Commercial Lawyer’s View,” Mr. Klein evaluates the 10 most noteworthy letter of credit cases from the last century; the article is reprinted from the December 1999 issue of Documentary Credit World.   The list is colored from his own practice and “weighs in favor of cases dealing with standby, fraud, regulatory and insolvency issues rather than commercial letter of credit operational issues.”

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