March 02, 2015

A piece written by Partner Jeffrey D. Colman is included in an article titled “Regrets, I’ve Had a Few,” which was published in the Winter 2015 issue of Litigation, the journal of the ABA Section of Litigation.  The article includes essays by 12 “prominent, veteran trial lawyers and judges,” looking back at their lives and careers.  In his short piece, Mr. Colman notes several regrettable situations that arose when he was a young lawyer but comments that, after practicing law for more than 40 years, his “overwhelming sentiment is appreciation” for his personal experiences:  wonderful clients, great colleagues, a law firm that cares about the profession and the vulnerable in our communities, courageous judges and the opportunity to work on the most challenging and cutting-edge legal problems.  From a broader perspective, he writes that he regrets that the justice system is not better than when he started practicing law and that the legal community has not done more to live up to “the promise of equal justice under law.”  In addition to Mr. Colman, contributors to the article include Gerry Spence, Adlai Stevenson III, Michael Shakman, Newton Minow and Carolyn Lamm.