Jenner & Block

“10 Things To Watch for at the Supreme Court,” Law360

In this article,Jenner & Block Partners Jessica Ring Amunson and Lindsay C. Harrison look ahead to what they call one of the “most exciting and important terms in the recent history of the Supreme Court.” According to their analysis, these are the top 10 issues to watch for this year: 1. “Gay Marriage – Will the Court Say ‘I Do’?” 2. “Voting Rights – Will Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Survive?” 3. “Affirmative Action – Could This Be the End of Diversity at Public Universities?” 4. DNA Collection – Can the Police Collect and Test Your DNA Without a Search Warrant?” 5. Immigration – Can Arizona Require Proof of Citizenship to Register to Vote?” 6. Patent Law – Can Biotech Companies Patent Genes?” 7. Federal Agencies – Can They Set Limits of Their Own Authority?” 8. Health Care Contraception Mandate – Will It Survive the Latest Round of Challenges to Obamacare? 9. “Gun Control – Will the Supreme Court Find a Right to Carry a Gun in Public?” and 10. “Retirement Watch – Will Any More Justices Retire, and if so, Who Are the Likely Replacement Candidates?”