November 17, 2022

Partner Dawn Smalls will co-chair the New York City Bar Association’s recently launched Civic Education Task Force. The Task Force will develop ways for lawyers to engage in and support greater understanding of how government works on the local, state, and federal levels in the US.

“Civic education is the first building block for greater civic engagement,” said Ms. Smalls in an announcement. “I am excited to work with the Task Force to ensure that civic education is integrated into the school curriculum, and develop ways that lawyers can engage in and support greater public literacy and engagement… We look forward [to convening] leaders in civic education to discuss best practices and areas where we can collaborate and leverage one another’s work.”

“Knowledge is essential to constructive civic engagement,” added Partner Susan J. Kohlmann, New York City Bar Association President. “Government of the people can only function if the people understand how their government works and how to participate in it.”