October 20, 2022

Lawyers in our San Francisco office have worked on numerous pro bono matters throughout the year that have made real and impactful change in the lives of many. Whether fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, supporting local non-profits, or helping asylum seekers from Afghanistan, our lawyers are committed to supporting those in need of help. Read on to learn what Partners and Associates have to say about how their projects have impacted them.

Securing Asylum for Afghanistan Refugees
“Helping those who face persecution in their home country is life-saving work for our client and a reminder of the great fortune my family has to live in a country with freedoms we sometimes take for granted. If we can help even one person avoid returning to a country where their life will be put in jeopardy based on their gender and choice of religion, we will have made an impact on the world.”
Reid J. Schar, Managing Partner, San Francisco

“Our client overcame many obstacles to become an independent, educated woman in Afghanistan, and to flee the Taliban’s oppressive regime. As the daughter of an immigrant who sought citizenship while studying in Arizona, I feel fortunate to be in a position where I can help others who are seeking a promising future in this country.”
Sophia L. Cai, Associate

Advocating for Transgender Communities Through Name Change Project
“Navigating the court system can be intimidating and challenging. It was extremely gratifying to use my legal knowledge and experience to assist my client in changing his legal name to match his lived experience. Our names are an integral part of our identities. They shape who we are and how others perceive us.”
Laurie Edelstein, Partner

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