June 22, 2022

A Jenner & Block team recently won a grant of asylum for pro bono client, Amasias Paau Choc, and his son, Pablo. Mr. Choc faced death threats in Guatemala because of his role in his village’s autonomous governing body.

The team was before Judge Everett in Los Angeles Immigration Court, and the case was heard over the course of several hearings, spanning more than two years. On June 10, the team went back to court to present the testimony of a country conditions expert, when opposing counsel announced that he would not oppose a grant of asylum and Judge Everett entered the order, granting asylum on the spot.

The team began working on the case in late 2019 with their first merits hearing on March 12, 2020—just before stay-at-home orders as a result of the pandemic. The team then had several virtual continued merit hearings before the court in late 2020 and in 2021, and two in-person hearings in 2022.

Partners Kate T. Spelman and Carissa Coze led the team with key support from Associates Kristen Green and Elizabeth Avunjian, and Paralegal Alonso Ponce.


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