March 01, 2010

By Gabrielle Sigel and Jennifer L. Cassel

Federal Legislative Developments

  • Obama Requests Increased Funding for Climate Change

    On February 1, 2010, President Obama sent to Congress a budget request for fiscal year 2011 in which he requested increased funding for climate change measures even as he decreased his overall budget request. 

    Some of the items listed in the President’s budget request include: $54.5 billion for Dept of Energy loan guarantees for clean energy technologies; $21 million for EPA to implement the mandatory greenhouse gas (“GHG”) reporting rule; $56 million for EPA and State climate change programs, including $25 million to be used to assist EPA and the States to incorporate GHG emission restrictions into Clean Air Act (“CAA”) permitting, $5 million to develop best available control technology (“BACT”) for GHG emission limits in CAA permits, and $7 million to develop new source performance standards for certain sources that produce GHG emissions; $7 million to fund carbon capture and sequestration (“CCS”) projects and $545 million to fund research of CCS technologies; $6 million for EPA to implement GHG emission standards for vehicles; and $2.6 billion to fund research related to climate change.  Unlike his budget request for FY 2010, President Obama does not request funding to implement a cap-and-trade program in FY 2011.