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National Academy of Sciences Questions U.S. EPA’s Draft Formaldehyde Risk Assessment

Siros_Steven_COLORBy Steven M. Siros


A recent report released by the National Academy of Sciences ("NAS") is critical of U.S. EPA's draft risk assessment for formaldehyde. U.S. EPA's draft assessment, which was released for comment in June 2010, had concluded that formaldehyde was a carcinogen and could cause lymphohematopoietic and nasal cancers. The draft risk assessment also included a strict (and fairly controversial) inhalation unit risk factor of 8.1x10-2 parts per million-1. If the draft assessment were to become final (at least in its current form), it would likely result in a myriad of stringent emission regulations on products such as plywood, carpet and natural gas turbines, all of which emit formaldehyde.

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