Jenner & Block

Groundbreaking Settlement in Landlord/Tenant Class Action Gains Preliminary Court Approval

Jenner & Block represents a class of more than 22,000 tenants who live in rent-regulated apartments in the greater New York area.  This federal lawsuit against the owner/manager of those apartments alleges that the Pinnacle Group illegally increased regulated rents and evicted, attempted to evict and otherwise harassed tenants whose apartments were rent-regulated.  The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York has granted preliminary approval of a groundbreaking settlement which includes, among other things: a two-year injunction and a set of forward-looking protocols that will govern Pinnacle’s relationship with its tenants; $2.5 million for tenant assistance organizations; and a claims administration process with no cap on Pinnacle’s liability to individual tenants.  Notice has been sent to class members and the Fairness Hearing is set for April 12, 2012.  Partner Richard F. Levy leads the firm’s team in this matter, with Partners Ross B. Bricker, Michael T. Brody, Brian J. Fischer, and Carletta F. Higginson; Associates Sabrini N. Guenther, Eddie A. Jauregui, Marisa K. Perry, and Tarsha A. Phillibert; and many others.