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Village Ordered to Submit Environmental Action Plan

Jenner & Block Partner James A. Vroman obtained a rare court order requiring the Village of Glenview to submit a state-mandated action plan explaining what has been done to protect a 31-acre prairie and its wildlife on the former Glenview Naval Air Station while developers construct a new corporate park there. Cook County Circuit Court Judge Dorothy Kinnaird ruled that compiling two boxes of documents that address the construction project’s potential environmental impact and some consultations with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources were not enough to satisfy the state’s environmental protection laws.  Judge Kinnaird also required the state agency to file a mandated biological opinion of its own.

“This case sets an important precedent and sends a clear signal to communities across the state that they must follow the letter as well as the spirit of the law when conducting Natural Area consultations with the state,” said Mr. Vroman, Co-Chair of the Firm’s Environmental, Energy and Natural Resources Law Practice.  

Associates Seth Lambden and Steven M. Siros assisted in the successful resolution of the pro bono lawsuit filed on behalf of several Glenview residents and the Glenview Prairie Preservation Project.